About Flair

Flair is a revolutionary framework for beauty and wellness that offers discovery, appointment bookings and customer relationship management (CRM) all in one solution. The Flair framework consists of two key components: Flair App and Flair CRM (for merchants).

Flair App

Flair App is a mobile Beauty & Wellness Discovery App specially designed for women and men for wants to discover the latest trends and offers in hair style, nail art, spa and make-up. Users can browse our App for the latest styles near them, and book appointments via our App.

Flair CRM

Flair CRM is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System specially designed for merchants in the beauty and wellness industry. Merchants can manage their customer database, shop profile, appointments and offers using our Flair CRM System.

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  • Free Business Listing - A comprehensive profile on our app for each branch, complete with your service menu and portfolio.
  • Additional Revenue - Customers can browse and book your services via our app, free-of-charge.
  • Zero-effort setup - We'll create your account and upload information and photos for you.

About Triathlon

Triathlon Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered company that develops the Flair App and Flair CRM. We are motivated to bring discovery experience to all people who like to see latest trend in hair & beauty. This discovery is made possible by combining mobile technology, our regional stylists' equally enthusiastic contribution, and generous social sharing of our dear users. We believe strongly that this innovative "discover and book" approach shall create more level ground for all individuals to introduce their services to all lovely people.